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An unconventional approach in a simple way without fancy words or complicated theories;
Simple and honest, common sense straight from the heart with good intentions and distinct vision to strengthen your credibility.

All in one service
It can also be easy

Despite the fact that we are talking about 4 different fields, I am convinced that sooner or later they will cross each other. That is why I have chosen to offer these services together. An unconventional approach in a simple way without expensive words or complicated theories.

I keep it simple and honest with common sense. Paired with a separate vision to strengthen your credibility. I help you to put your company in the foreground, together we look for solutions to make processes simpler and cheaper.


Consulting is often translated as “giving advice” but consulting is more than that. As a consultant I help other companies to prepare, manage or execute their projects. I temporarily make my knowledge and experience available to make up for a lack of knowledge, skills or manpower.


Marketing is the field concerned with conveying the value of a brand, product or service to the market. Marketing can be aimed at acquiring new customers as well as building and maintaining customer relationships.


The aim of management is to (re)formulate and achieve the company’s objectives in the given context. Just think about; operational management focused on the short term, solving strategic issues focused on the long term, innovation, personnel policy,..


Sales is concerned with direct sales, maintaining and acquiring customer contacts. A smooth collaboration between sales & marketing is necessary to achieve good results. It is also important to have a plan in which actions are worked out in detail in terms of steps, responsibilities, intended result, etc.

Why work with us?

We sometimes say no

Our quality requirements are very high and that means that unfortunately we regularly have to say no. Not logical for a service company, but if we don’t believe in a certain solution, we will always say so.

We think from your customer's point of view

We don’t just reason from your company or your local store. We look at the local market: which factors in the area will cause your (future) customer to change his behaviour.

We’re in it for the long run!

We see ourselves as a long-term cooperation partner. For us, working together means investing time and knowledge, proactively with full energy in order to achieve the best results together.

We are realistic

That sounds very logical, but in many cases reality is made more beautiful than it is for various reasons. That doesn’t help anyone, so we tell it like it is.

Active communication

As logical as this sounds, apparently many service providers are not that communicative. We communicate actively and whether you work with five, ten or fifty people: it is important that everyone is in contact with each other.

We are flexible

It is just very nice if you are helped quickly. If we cannot handle a request, we will let you know immediately and we will indicate when we can be of service to you as soon as possible afterwards.